Yahoo App Update Makes Use of Technology Acquired With Summly

By Cameron Scott 

An update of Yahoo’s eponymous news app released today boosts image and video search functionality and incorporates the news-summarizing technology the company obtained in its highly publicized acquisition of the iOS app Summly last month.

The update makes use of using “Summly’s natural-language algorithms and machine learning to deliver quick story summaries,” Marissa Mayer wrote on the company’s blog.

With the update, Yahoo’s eponymous news app also allows the user to identify select which news topics s/he wants to follow. The selections are based on a Yahoo log-in and follow the user across multiple devices.

Yahoo has fine-tuned the design and switched on a “virtually endless newsfeed,” according to the announcement.

The release falls squarely in the purview of the daily mobile habits that Mayer says Yahoo is prioritizing in its efforts to become relevant again.

“Consuming news and information on the go has become the norm — whether waiting for a morning coffee or commuting home from work, content discovery is an insatiable daily habit,” the CEO said.

The update is available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

New Yahoo App Makes Use of Technology Acquired With Summly