XBox 360's Kinect Sports Launches Facebook App

By Jorge Cino Comment

Just a few days after premiering on XBox 360, Kinect Sports is launching its Facebook App to let you boast your best scores, share highlights (screenshots) of events, or lay down challenges to other players, all in one place.

Once you download the application and sign into your XBox Live account, XBox 360 records and sends your league results, and also allows you to invite and be invited by other players to join their teams or compete against one another. Most importantly (and, in some instances, most embarrassingly) Kinect Sports App collects highlights from every event you play. Expect to inspire fear or parodies from your friends and competitors! I kid: Nothing will be posted on Facebook without your permission, of course. Future updates will include the ability to store complete personal stats and records, for individual games or for all of them.

Kinect Sports basically allows multiple players to compete in six motion-controlled sports, including soccer, bowling, and boxing. In track and field mode, for example, you may have to jump hurdles or do long jumps, and you may even play it as a penthatlon (combining all five track and field races). Brian Crecente of Kotaku calls Kinect Sports “the Wii Sports and Move Sports Champion of the Xbox 360.”

You can check the app here, and a live demo of the actual video game here.