X-Men: First Class Live Stream of NYC Screening and Chat with Stars

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Are you up for some excitement tonight? Marvel has invited everyone and anyone to watch the special event screening of Twentieth Century Fox’s film X-Men: First Class. You can see it live from New York City! Tonight, May 25, at 5:50 PM ET/2:50 PM PT. All you have to do is click over to Marvel’s special site where the live streaming is taking place and watch as the stars arrive at the historic Ziegfeld Theatre.

Hosted by Nick Lowe, who is Marvel Senior Editor and X-Men Comics Lead Editor, you are guaranteed an inside scoop on X-Men: First Class like nothing you’ve seen before! You will watch Nick chat live with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, who also happen to be in the movie.

One of my favorite actors, James McAvoy, who plays Profession Charles Xavier, is scheduled to appear and chat with Nick. Also scheduled to appear with Nick are Michael Fassbender, who plays Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto, Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw, Rose Byrne, who is Dr. Moira MacTaggert, January Jones, who plays the beautiful Emma Frost, Lucas Till as Alex Summers/Havok and Zoë Kravitz as Angel Salvadore.

Now, I am sure some of you are familiar with the latest X-Men movie. The story unveils the epic beginning of the X-Men saga – and a secret history of the Cold War and our world at the brink of nuclear Armageddon. As the first class discovers, harnesses, and comes to terms with their formidable powers, alliances are formed that will shape the eternal war between the heroes and villains of the X-Men universe.

Attending a live streaming event of a screening of a major motion picture is fairly new and growing in popularity. I am looking forward to the event. I hope you can attend as well, and let me know what you thought of the event.