INFOGRAPHIC: Which Sellers In Facebook’s IPO Are Selling More Shares; Which Stood Pat?

By Julie D. Andrews 

Don’t you just love a good infographic? Earlier today, we spotted this interesting visual from The Wall Street Journal highlighting major stakeholders that have changed the number of shares they plan to sell when Facebook’s initial public offering launches tomorrow.

While some shareholders have stayed with the initial number of shares they set to sell in the IPO, a gaggle of others — including Accel Partners, Goldman Sachs, Peter Thiel, and Greylock Partners — upped their totals.

Some of the boosts have been substantial. Take, for example, Tiger Global Management, which initially said it would sell 7 percent of its stake in Facebook and has now upped that percentage to 50. The company owns a whopping 53.8 million Facebook shares.

Another big leaper is Thiel, who upped his initial stake percentage being sold from 20 to 50. All told, he owns 44.7 million shares.

Goldman Sachs, owning 66 million shares, will now sell off 50 percent of its stake, compared with its originally planned 23 percent.

This may indicate what some have said is an overvaluation, meaning that the IPO will sell high (and everybody knows how the motto goes: “Sell high, buy low”).

Shareholders who left the initial number of shares they decided to sell unchanged include: Facebook Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg, who will sell 6 percent of his 533.8 million shares; Microsoft, which will sell 23 percent of its 32.8 million shares; and T. Rowe Price, which will not offer a single one of its 18.2 million shares.

Readers: If you owned a large number of Facebook shares, how many would you sell — half, all, zero?