Facebook Users Have Redeemed More Than 1 Million Gift Cards On Wrapp

By Justin Lafferty 

Wrapp, a mobile social gifting application, connects Facebook users through gift cards. If a user wants to celebrate a Facebook friend’s new job, or thinks they could use something from a store, he or she can send a gift card through Wrapp. So far, it has become quite popular. Wrapp announced that since its launch a little over a year ago, users have redeemed more than 1 million gift cards.

Wrapp first launched in Sweden 14 months ago, then rolled out in the U.S. in May. Users can easily connect their Facebook accounts to the app and send gift cards to friends from more than 200 retailers. The news that Wrapp users have redeemed more than 1 million digital cards comes only 30 days after the company reported that it hit the 1 million user mark.

Wrapp CEO Hjalmar Winbladh discussed his company’s achievement in a press release:

When we say Wrapp makes gift giving fun and easy, we’re not blowing smoke. Consumers love the convenience of being able to use their phone to give gift cards, and they especially like that the gift cards are stored in their phone, so they always have them in their pocket when they’re ready to buy something.  As for retailers and brands, we believe we offer the most cost-effective brand-building service available as they increasingly transition marketing for a more mobile- and social-network-driven world.

Wrapp noted that the company’s biggest growth spurt started around November, as it started adding more retailers in the weeks leading up to Christmas. iOS and Android app usage soared around this time, as 90 percent of Wrapp usage is on smartphones. In Sweden, Wrapp added Lindex, a European fashion retailer. During the first two days that Lindex gift cards were available, users sent more than 90,000 virtual Lindex gifts to their friends, reaching 4 percent of the total addressable market.

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