WP4FB 2.0 Adds New Features To Facebook WordPress Plugin

By David Cohen 

The creators of Facebook WordPress plugin WP4FB will begin beta-testing the sequel Tuesday, Aug. 21, at which time it will be available to the public — WP4FB 2.0, which adds several new features to the ability to create custom Facebook pages via WordPress.

WP4FB 2.0 users will not be limited in terms of how many pages they can run its applications on, or how many features they can add to each page, and the plugin will be able to be used alongside other WordPress plugins. New features will include:

  • A drag-and-drop visual editor that allows users to design their custom pages with no need for coding, which comes with 10 design templates.
  • The ability to create sweepstakes using a Facebook app, with users of the social network who approve the app gaining automatic entry, as well as the opportunity to earn extra entries for referring friends.
  • A “FriendGate” feature that allows page administrators to limit access to certain content to Facebook users who have liked the page, as well as similar “ShareGate” and “InviteGate” options.
  • The ability to automatically save users’ email addresses (if users opt in) and add them to their email subscriber lists.
  • The ability to post on users’ walls (also opt-in).

Readers: Have you ever used any plugins that combine WordPress and Facebook?