Would You Like to Get Married on MySpace

By arnoldzafra Comment

gettingmarriedmyspaceWhat else can we probably not do on social networking sites? We can meet friends, both old and new, promote brands, get hired for a job, and more. Now here’s something that’s quite different. How about getting hooked through MySpace? MySpace in partnership with popular reality TV producer Endemol is launching a new reality web service dubbed “Get Married on MySpace.”

Gettting Married on MySpace is a reality web series that will awardone lucky couple their dream wedding, complete with all the works of a well-prepared, grandiose wedding ceremony, in exchange for allowing MySpace Community to plan and experience their wedding first hand.

The deal is that MySpace community will choose the winning couple from a list of participants. Once choose, the community themselves will plan every step and detail of the wedding, from selecting the bride’s wedding gown, selecting the couple’s rings, and even choosing the wedding location which will be put into an open voting system, where the MySpace Community will determine the perfect place where the wedding will be held.

The reality web series will have 13 webisodes, ending with the live coverage of the actual weddding ceremony of the couple.

Those who want to join this competition should send a video entry profiling theirselves. By March MySpace users will choose from submitted video entry, the lucky couple who will be the start of the Getting Married on MySpace web reality series which will begin in May. The wedding will take place sometime in August.

Getting Married on MySpace will streamed live on the recently relaunched MySpace Video Channel.

Sounds fun? Well, if you are currently engaged, you better get your digital video camera, and start creating that interesting video of you and your partner.