WORLD CUP: Final Match Is Top Sporting Event In Facebook’s History

By David Cohen 

WorldCupFinalTotals650The final match of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, in which Germany edged Argentina 1-0 with a goal late in extra time, was the top sporting event in Facebook’s history, generating more than 280 million interactions (posts, comments, and likes) from 88 million users, according to the Facebook Data Science Team.

The two players who were the subject of the most Facebook buzz were Mario Götze of Germany, who scored the match’s lone goal, and Leo Messi of Argentina, and the top five social moments of Sunday’s championship contest were:

  1. The final whistle.
  2. Götze scores in the 113th minute on a cross from André Schürrle to give Germany a 1-0 lead.
  3. Messi sails his free kick well above the crossbar as time is about to expire.
  4. Messi wins the Golden Ball as the tournament’s best player.
  5. Gonzalo Higuaín of Argentina has a goal disallowed in the 21st minute on an offside call.

The top five demographic groups discussing the match were:

  1. Men 18 through 24.
  2. Men 25 through 34.
  3. Women 18 through 24.
  4. Women 25 through 34.
  5. Men 35 through 44.

And the top five countries discussing Sunday’s game were:

  1. U.S. (10.5 million users)
  2. Brazil (10 million)
  3. Argentina (more than 7 million)
  4. Germany (5 million)
  5. Indonesia

The five players on the German side who were the subject of the most buzz were:

  1. Götze
  2. Thomas Müller
  3. Miroslav Klose
  4. Mesut Özil
  5. Bastian Schweinsteiger

And Argentina’s top five were:

  1. Messi
  2. Javier Mascherano
  3. Higuaín
  4. Ezequiel Lavezzi
  5. Sergio Agüero

Readers: Did you interact on Facebook during Sunday’s match?