Facebook Recruiting Solution Work4 Labs Debuts Expanded Suite, Free Version; Secures Funding

By David Cohen 

Facebook recruiting solution Work4 Labs Wednesday announced an expanded suite of social recruiting products, a free version of its product targeted toward small and midsized businesses, and the closing of $11 million in series-A funding from Matrix Partners and other investors.

Work4 Labs was founded in June 2010, and it currently boasts a team of 70 located in San Francisco and Paris. It counts several Fortune 500 companies among its list of more than 17,000 corporate clients, which includes Accenture, Anheuser-Busch, Ben & Jerry’s, Deloitte, Gap, General Motors, Kate Spade, L’Oréal, SAP, UPS, and VMware.

The company’s Work for Us product suite allows recruiters to easily create corporate career sites on Facebook, which help to drive traffic, job applications, and employee referrals. The tools from Work4 Labs allow recruiters to target potential candidates that meet their specific criteria.

And its free Work for Us product, specifically designed for small and midsized businesses — and “in the spirit of getting America back to work,” according to CEO Stephane Le Viet — offers access to its all-in-one social-recruiting solution, sharing features with the flagship version, including:

  • The capability to launch branded corporate career sites on Facebook and post an unlimited number of jobs to those sites.
  • Tapping into the sophisticated targeting features of the social network’s advertising system to zero in on potential candidates.
  • Generating employee referrals by automatically matching open jobs to their friends’ profiles, strictly on an opt-in basis.
  • Applicant-tracking and analytics features.
  • The option of upgrading to paid subscriptions for more features and customization.

Le Viet said in an interview with AllFacebook:

This is how Facebook should be used — free, quick, and easy. Facebook is amazing in the sense that it is just a powerful sharing platform. If used properly, it is an amazing referral machine for a jobs platform.

On how Facebook stacks up as a source of job recruiting and searching when compared with LinkedIn, he added:

There had been a total misunderstanding of how Facebook could be used for recruiting. LinkedIn is essentially white-collar and struggling like crazy to go down-market. The bulk of recruiting is not for the kinds of jobs you’d use LinkedIn for. Facebook is a great complement to LinkedIn from that standpoint. Users can look for jobs with people who are in their Facebook networks to begin with.

And Le Viet said in a press release highlighting Wednesday’s announcements:

Hiring is an inherently social activity, and today, the majority of people conduct their lives through social networks. Our goal is to help companies find and hire the most qualified candidates in the places where these candidates spend the most time, particularly on Facebook. Our technology makes it easy and cost-effective to take advantage of social media to find the right hires, regardless of the company’s size or the candidate’s experience level.

We are privileged to have assembled such a remarkable group of investors to help us fuel the continued growth of our company. We could not have asked for a more knowledgeable and collaborative team of experts to validate our business and technology. We are enormously grateful for their unique contributions.

The company’s $11 million series-A funding round was led by Matrix Partners with participation from angel investors including Digital Sky Technologies Founder Yuri Milner, former Monster (resident Steve Pogorzelski, and Hearsay Social Co-Founder and CEO Clara Shih. In addition, Matrix Partners General Partner Dana Stalder joined the Work4 Labs board of directors. Stalder said in the release highlighting Wednesday’s announcements:

Recruitment is the next big thing to come to Facebook. It’s a natural fit, but until now, it has not lived up to its potential. What Work4 Labs does is much bigger than the white-collar or tech-focused recruiting services out there. It allows companies to find and communicate with candidates for all types of jobs, and enables companies to target with a new degree of specificity, whether it’s finding a lab technician in Omaha or a waitress in Italy.

Readers: Have you used Facebook and any third-party platforms that incorporate Facebook to either look for a job or look for potential job candidates?

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