WHITE PAPER: Using Facebook’s Graph Search As A Social Recruiting Tool

By David Cohen 

Facebook social recruiting solution Work4 Labs released a white paper Tuesday on how to incorporate the social network’s Graph Search feature into the recruiting process.

Work4 Labs said of using Graph Search to recruit:

We imagine that your hiring initiatives are much more complex than just “similar previous job title” or “location within 50 miles.” Let’s look at the example from the beginning of this section. In order to find our experienced engineer from San Francisco, we would create what is known as a “long tail” search, or a search with many essential keywords.

We can type, “engineers who work for Microsoft (or a similar company) in San Francisco” into

Graph Search, or we can get creative and more specific by adding other qualifiers. For example, we can search for “engineers in San Francisco who are friends of my friends who work for Microsoft.” Or we can search for “engineers in San Francisco who like my company.”

By using natural language, you can start narrowing down the prospects and sourcing locally. Now that’s what we call sustainable sourcing.

The three keys to companies being discovered via Graph Search, via Work4 Labs:

  1. Be searchable.
  2. Be likable.
  3. Be shareable.

The white paper can be downloaded here.

Readers: Have you ever incorporated Graph Search into the social recruiting process, from either the company or candidate side?