Looking For Love? Try Words With Friends [GRAPHIC]

By David Cohen Comment

In case you haven’t heard yet, it’s Valentine’s Day. And according to Facebook game developer Zynga, its Words with Friends application is red-hot for users looking to feel the sting of Cupid’s arrow.

Zynga released the infographic below, which almost makes Words with Friends seem like a virtual singles bar; the number of people surveyed is significantly larger than what we see in most other social media surveys, so that keeps us from questioning whether the survey sample is random — unless participants self-selected themselves somehow.

That said, the steamy statistics include:

  • One out of 10 Words with Friends players said the game has directly led to a hook-up.
  • 47 percent said they are “crushing” on an opponent right now. Since the players’ pictures are only 50 pixels by 50 pixels, all we can do is shake our heads at this one.
  • 38 percent said they would be more willing to hook up with someone if they were good at Words with Friends — better start boosting those vocabularies!
  • 24 percent have exchanged Words with Friends handles instead of phone numbers.
  • 35 percent admit to letting their “sweetheart” win.
  • 40 percent said they would date someone they met through the game.
  • 43 percent said they have cheated on someone within the game.

Readers: Did you ever realize Words with Friends was such a hotbed of romance?