INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Ways To Promote Facebook Promotions

By David Cohen 

There is more to running promotions on Facebook than simply creating them and locating them under a tab, and Facebook application developer Woobox produced the infographic below highlighting eight ways to increase traffic to and drive awareness of promotions on the social network.

Woobox pointed out the reduced effectiveness of tabs in its blog post that accompanied the infographic:

There’s no denying the effectiveness of Facebook promotions to engage Facebook fans and acquire new ones. But the cold hard truth is that most people won’t notice your promotion tab on their own. Tab engagement levels have dropped by more than 50 percent since Facebook switched to the Timeline format — they are simply not as visible as they once were, and fans aren’t likely to go digging for them on their own. In order for them to be noticed, it is imperative that page administrators broadcast their promotions to current and potential fans. Yep, you have to promote your promotions.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that Facebook tabs aren’t visible on mobile devices. With 751 million mobile users on Facebook, that’s a large part of the population that probably won’t see your promotion. More than one in six people use only a mobile device to access Facebook!