Wishpond Looks To Carve Facebook Offers Niche With Social Offers

By David Cohen 

Brands looking to provide offers via Facebook can now do so with a little Canadian flair, as developer Wishpond debuted self-serve application Social Offers.

Features of Social Offers include:

The ability to set all parameters of a campaign, including start date, start time, duration, discount being offered, minimum number of participants, maximum number of participants, and redemption details.

Offers can be set up to be claimed online or offline.

Social Offers is integrated with PayPal (http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/piranha-3dd_b90600), so payment can be collected immediately or when the user redeems the offer.

Brands can generate unique coupon codes, supply their own coupon codes, or not to use coupon codes at all.

Social Offers also supports Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and email.

Available insights include number of users who claimed the offer, when they claimed it, and data about the users that brands can use for future targeting.

The ability to use images up to 258 pixels by 250 pixels, versus 90 by 90 for Facebook offers, and to add longer descriptions than the 90-character headlines of the social network’s service.

A flat fee of $25 per 100 participants, versus the 50 percent share claimed by Groupon (http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/ipo-skeptics_b88967).