Discover Where Your Facebook Friends Stand Politically With Wisdom App

By Justin Lafferty 

This is the season when Facebook users’ news feeds are filled with election-charged content. While the loudest voices are the ones most remembered, most of your other friends probably have political views that they aren’t expressing. Through MicroStrategy’s Wisdom application, users can see where their friends stand on the political spectrum.

Wisdom takes into account when a user marks Republican or Democrat in the political views box, as well as any party-affiliated page they have liked.

Generally, Wisdom is an app that shows what your friends like and what they’re talking about. MicroStrategy recently added the ability to organize political information. The app analyzes more than 3,000 pages, ranging from those run by candidates and celebrities to cause pages. An algorithm then assigns a number value according to its liberal or conservative bias, calculating a ranking value along the blue-to-red political spectrum.

Users can then see where their friends stand (and how many political pages they’ve liked) in a clean, easy-to-read infographic.

If you’re tired of politics, Wisdom can also generate infographics based on other factors, such as their favorite bands, movies, or restaurants, as well as their gender and relationship status. People can see who their most popular or influential friends are, too. These infographics can easily be shared to Facebook.

Richard Krueger, MicroStrategy’s senior director of marketing, explained the new addition in an email to AllFacebook:

We’ve just added a very cool feature, just in time for the home stretch of the 2012 presidential race, that makes it fun and easy to analyze your Facebook friends’ political leanings. Will Uncle Bob support Romney or Obama? That’s the idea behind our new political quotient analysis tool. You’ll be able to apply our deep fan intelligence to your friends’ political preferences.

The app also has an interesting infographic showing the Facebook habits of the fans of President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney:

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