Wired Co-Founder Kevin Kelly Is Raising $40,000 for a Graphic Novel on Kickstarter

By Devon Glenn 

No frontier is final for Kevin Kelly, the digital culture expert best known for co-founding the tech magazine Wired in 1993. For his latest project, the Silver Cord, Kelly solicited the talents of several artists and storytellers, many of whom attend his church in San Francisco, to create a graphic novel in which technology meets the afterlife. Now the author needs help raising money to get it published.

A futuristic story about a half-breed girl caught in a conflict between robots and angels on earth, the fully-illustrated book is actually the second in a two-part series. The first 210 pages, released on Tuesday, are available for free on the Silver Cord website, or there’s a printed version for available for $30 from Amazon’s Createspace.

Kelly doesn’t need to self-publish: Viking Press published the author’s most recent work, What Technology Wants, in October 2010. But writing a graphic novel is a departure from his usual genre of technical non-fiction, writes Kelly.

It looks like the Silver Cord, which has been 8 years in the making, is a labor of love for him and his impressive team of collaborators who, among others, include Phil Lorin and Kiel Murray, who both wrote for the Pixar movie Cars; and Steve Masseroni, who worked on the Sims game and LucasFilms’ Star Tours.

Kelly’s use of the microfunding platform is straight from the book, if such a book exists. Even though it’s built to launch independent projects, Kickstarter is sometimes referred to as “Kickfinisher” because it works better when you already have an existing network and a prototype of the project in place.

Check out the video below to see a preview. You can back the project on the Kickstarter page here. For $1,000, the team will write you into the story.