Raises a Glass to Facebook, Twitter

By David Cohen Comment proposed a toast to Facebook and Twitter, allowing users of its proprietary wine profiling and matching system to create accounts with their credentials from the two social networks.

The site also announced that it is now fully compatible with tablets including Apple’s iPad and Motorola’s Xoom.

Users can relay the wines that are selected for them via the Winery Direct-to-Consumer Model (W2C) directly to their Facebook and Twitter feeds via, and wineries can publish all of their wines to the website, the RSS feed, Facebook, and Twitter, in real-time, as well as showcasing their respective presences on those social networks and their RSS feeds and blogs.

More on how works, from its What Is page:

WineMatch displays the major characteristics of wine to give a more objective view of wine, so consumers can see what the “fingerprint” looks like of the wine they like. We present real data in an easy-to-interpret format without the use of an often-confusing current number-based rating system.

We try to use simple language, and not confuse you with descriptors like asphalt and pencil shavings, or arguing the point of blackberry versus black raspberry. We use simple words like fruit, instead of trying to nail it down to a specific kind of fruit, as one person will taste one thing and another will taste something different, but they could both likely agree on the amount of fruit.