Wine Lovers! New Mobile App Lets You Scan Labels To Find Reviews & Food Pairings

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Have you ever stood dumbfounded in the liquor store or grocery store wine aisle, trying to decide which wine to take home for dinner?  A new app for wine lovers, brought to you by wine lover and writer Natalie MacLean of Nat Decants, aims to simplify the question of choosing the perfect wine.  Natalie’s Wine Picks & Pairings app lets you instantly scan up to 150,000 wine labels and returns wine tasting notes, reviews, scored, prices, food pairings and more.

Natalie told me about her new wine scanning mobile app via email, which is ready after the painstaking process of adding information about 150,000 wines to the catalogue.  She says, “It was both fun and painful developing this newfangled label scanning mobile app.  The fun part is being done.”  And you get to take advantage of all the hard work that Natalie put into the app, so you’ll never show up to a dinner party with the wrong bottle of wine again.  Natalie says that the feedback from wine lovers has been good so far.

So how does the app work?  Basically, all you have to do is use your smartphone camera to snap a picture of any bottle label bar code.  Then, with a single click you can find tasting notes, scores, and food pairings.  Is Shiraz a good choice when you’re barbecuing steaks?  Just scan the barcode to find out (and you’ll find out that Shiraz is a great choice for a juicy steak dinner).  The app is available for iPod Touch and iPhone, BlackBerry, and Droid, Nexus One, Nokia, Windows 7 and other smartphones via the Nat Decants mobile site.

We introduced you to Natalie’s wine pairing app, sans wine label scanner, back in December as a great way to find the perfect wine to gift to any person.  The Wine Picks & Pairings app is the next generation of the mobile app, which, according to a press release, “was selected among the top five food-and-wine apps by the New York Times, the Globe & Mail, and Computerworld Magazine.”  It’s also the only app that’s featured in the iTunes store under App Essentials in both the “Food & Wine” and “Date Night” categories.

In addition to label scanning and pairing, the app lets you track wine purchases in a virtual cellar, create a wine journal complete with notes and pictures, and share your favorite wines and pairings on Facebook and Twitter.  So all you wine lovers out there—have you tried out Natalie MacLean’s Wine Picks & Pairings App?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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