Windows Messenger Powers Billions Of Facebook Chat Minutes

By Meredith Singer Comment

Windows Messenger is rolling out theFacebook-enabled chat feature to more countries world wide, making the function available to more than 75 million additional users around the globe.

Microsoft is hoping that this new scope will help grow their Facebook-to-Windows chatting numbers, which are growing rapidly. The Seattle-area company’s blog claims that almost 18 million people have together done more than 2.8 billion minutes of Facebook chat on Messenger. Nowhere does the creator of the post clarify whether that figure is a cumulative number.

Regardless of whether that’s cumulative, yearly or monthly, that’s a lot of chatting — especially considering in November they gave an update saying Messenger provided more than 1.5 billion minutes of Facebook chat. Since then, the number of users who connect Messenger to Facebook has grown 75 percent.

If you don’t already connect Facebook to Windows Messenger, here’s how it works: Download the latest version of Microsoft’s chat software here. Then, click on the blue button to synchronize with the social network so you can talk to Facebook friends regardless of whether they’re using Messenger.

It makes us wonder how small desktop chatting startups are going to survive, especially since Windows Messenger gives you the versatility to talk to Facebook friends and non-Facebook friends within the same platform seamlessly, so you see the visual interface of the application you started in even when you’re talking to people who are using a different app than you.

Competitors like Yahoo are also integrating Facebook chat into their latest upgrades so they don’t get left behind. And its no wonder users are preferring outside providers to service their chatting – Facebook’s on-site application is still very buggy and cumbersome to use.

Do you chat on Facebook, or prefer to enable Facebook chat with your preferred instant messaging application?