Will the First Dynamic Video Expandable Advertising Unit be Worth It?

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Mixpo launched a video expandable ad unit that offers agencies and brand marketers a chance to promote high-impact online campaigns without the cost, time or resource barriers of traditional rich media. I wonder if advertisers will use this service.

With this particular device there are flashy whiz-bang banners that expand to video ads that include unique canvas feature where advertisers can add content including graphics, text, video, and widgets to a target market.

The company boasts using a technology which tailors messaging based on audience preferences, geography, message sequence, and time of day and day of the week. With an intuitive online interface on Mixpo’s Dynamic Video Advertising (DVA) platform, advertisers can efficiently produce and instantly update their campaigns without programming or retrafficking.

I can see how a brand advertiser would want to use Mixpo if their product fits specialized niche like automation engineering, political campaigns or high-end shoe shoppers. I am just curious if it works and if advertisers will use this system.

Nevertheless, Mixpo says “Our new expandable ad units leverage the power of dynamic video advertising, and make it possible to efficiently create the most flexible, immersive video campaigns that reach the right audience at the right time.”

Mixpo suggests that the target marketing online will save advertisers money with video expandable ad units. The units can integrate real-time feeds, social media and sharing tools, and interactive elements such as coupons to increase viewer engagement. These features can be incorporated or updated within the new ad units in real time and do not require additional programming.

There is still a creative cost to upgrading the advertising material. Smart advertisers hire marketing, branding and research consultants to help find the right advertising niche before starting the advertising campaign. With the right consultant, the advertiser should know its effective ways to promote.