Will it Finally Be Easy to Find Song Lyrics? musiXmatch Hopes So

By Reid McCarter Comment

You would think that the internet, all-seeing eye that it is, would have produced a suitable tool for finding song lyrics by now — but it really hasn’t. That’s where musiXmatch comes in, an API that fills the void of the music-lovers’s humblest (but deepest) dream of finally being able to pull up lyrics while listening to a song.

musiXmatch is a promising solution that provides a simple function for media developers: the ability to call up lyrics to a given song on demand. Almost surprisingly, musiXmatch is the first (legal) global lyrics application programming interface (API), and is able to be implemented into any number of music programs and apps.

The most exciting aspect of musiXmatch, however, is the recent deal that now sees the company partnered with major label giants like Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony ATV Music, BMG and Kobalt Music. With the support of so many international rights owners, musiXmatch has now become the largest lyrics directory, boasting lyrics to more than 5 million international songs and localization in over 18 languages.

To captialize on its major label coup, musiXmatch has released the beta version of its commercial lyrics API, a move that will make it easy for developers to implement lyric searching into any number of music apps. Search terms pertaining to song lyrics are responsible for some of the highest traffic indexed on Google and musiXmatch is now in a position to benefit both itself and music app developers by offering the appropriate method for monetization and a deeper, lyrics-centered level of listener engagement.

And what does this all mean for those of us who just want to sing along to Teenage Dream in our underwear (I’m not doing that right now)? It means that, in the very near future, many of our favourite music apps and programs will allow us to instantly access real-time lyrics. Thanks musiXmatch. Thank you for allowing us to scratch lyrics-related itches instantly and for inspiring bad karaoke everywhere.