Facebook Mobile Sponsored Stories Template: Wildfire

By David Cohen Comment

Social media marketing software provider Wildfire announced the release of new design templates to take advantage of Facebook’s addition of sponsored stories for mobile, as well as a free webinar about the launch of timeline for pages.

On the mobile front, Wildfire said its new templates will allow advertisers to build campaigns and pages that display well on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The company also announced that global entertainment brand Cirque du Soleil will be one of the first clients to use its new templates, which automatically select display formats to conform to the devices being used to view the content.

Wildfire will also host a free webinar on best practices for brands making the transaction to Facebook’s new timeline for pages.

The webinar is scheduled for Friday, March 2, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, and interested readers can register here, receiving a free white paper on the topic after completing the registration.

Topics slated to be covered include:

  • The six major changes every marketer needs to know when updating their brand profiles to timeline;
  • How best to capture visitors’ attention on your page after its timeline makeover;
  • Ways to feature important content and tell the story of your brand; and
  • How to rethink engagement applications within the new layout without losing everything you’ve built.

Chief Executive Officer Victoria Ransom said:

With more than one half of Facebook’s users accessing the site through a mobile device, and mobile usage growing at twice that of desktop, brands are actively searching for a complete social marketing solution that enables them to leverage the mobile channel.

Wildfire is the only social marketing platform that automatically optimizes presentation of brand content across all channels, allowing consumers to seamlessly engage with brands on any device they choose.

Timeline for brand pages opens exciting new avenues for brands to engage with consumers, but the change requires brands to adopt some new ways of approaching and curating content. As an early Facebook preferred developer, Wildfire is moving in lockstep with the recent changes to Facebook.

The Wildfire platform, along with our team’s expert knowledge about best practices for the new timeline format, provides a complete solution for brands to keep pace with the fast-moving changes in social media.