Report: Olympian Facebook Gains By Jamaica, German Gymnast Marcel Nguyen

By David Cohen 

Jamaica and German gymnast Marcel Nguyen (pictured) soared at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London last week in terms of Facebook likes, according to statistics from social media marketing software provider Wildfire Interactive.

When looking at countries in terms of athletes with the most likes relative to Facebook users in their respective countries, Jamaica ran away with the gold medal, with its athletes capturing 11.4 likes per user. The island nation has some 650,000 Facebook users, but its athletes have totaled nearly 7.5 million likes.

And Nguyen’s comeback to earn a silver medal caused his total number of Facebook likes to soar by more than 574 percent from July 27 through Aug. 1. Wildfire analyzed the top five in this category as follows:

  1. The Recovery: German gymnast Marcel Nguyen has seen immense page growth of more than 350 percent in a two day period (July 30 through Aug. 1). After a shaky start in the first few days, Nyugen pulled through on July 31 and Aug. 1, earning a silver medal for Germany.
  2. The Chosen One: U.S. gymnast Gabrielle Douglas saw more than 100 percent growth in page likes from July 31 through Aug. 1, coinciding with President Barack Obama’s public announcement (“You tore it up…stay cool”) that became a top news story around the world.
  3. Rejection and Rising Above: U.S. gymnast Jordyn Wieber saw more than 300 percent growth in page likes in just two days, coinciding directly with the media storm that occurred when she failed to qualify for the individual gold even though she placed fourth, but contributed to the U.S. team’s gold win.
  4. The Underdog: French swimmer Camille Muffat’s fan base took off after Sunday, July 29, when she beat out expected leaders Rebecca Adlington and Federica Pellegrini, setting an Olympic record.
  5. The Underdog: South African swimmer Chad Le Clos’ fan base grew by more than 300 percent in a two-day period after unexpectedly beating out Michael Phelps in a butterfly race, setting a world record, and garnering the “best story of the 2012 Olympics” in the news.