Wildfire Interactive Debuts Social Marketing Suite 2.0 With Focus On Facebook User Data

By David Cohen 

Social media marketing software provider Wildfire Interactive introduced an updated version of its Social Marketing Suite Friday, citing its new Social Audience Database as a highlight of Wildfire Social Marketing Suite 2.0.

Wildfire said its Social Audience Database allows brands to mine data from users’ interactions across multiple social networks, including Facebook, enabling them to personalize interactions with those users with the aim of boosting conversion rates across social media, the brands’ websites, and email.

As an example, Wildfire said a brand can examine a consumer’s engagement with its Facebook wall — including comments, posts, and likes — and send that user personalized messages, discounts, and offers, adding that a sporting goods retailer can use the data from its Social Audience Database to distinguish between skiers and snowboarders, or a fashion brand can tailor its messages by gender and age.

The company said its recent research showed that an average of 3 percent of a brand’s audience generates 100 percent of its earned media, and brands can use its tools to pinpoint and target that 3 percent.

Wildfire also stressed that any and all data in its Social Audience Database are data that consumers have voluntarily and explicitly granted it permission to access and store, and that the data are stored in a secure environment, with no sharing between different clients. Consumers can also opt out at any time, after which all of their data will be deleted and no further information will be collected.

Other new features in Wildfire Social Marketing Suite 2.0 include:

  • The ability to plan, execute, manage, and optimize social advertising campaigns and social content across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • The ability to create, schedule, run, and manage messages across multiple social networks from a single unified application.
  • A promotions application that allows brands to run, track, and manage contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, and other campaign types across multiple platforms.
  • The Social Data Integration API, an application-programming interface that allows brands to securely integrate social audience data from Wildfire with their current systems or with third-party data sources.
  • Audit Trail, which allows its clients to audit their usage of the Wildfire platform by user, event description, date, or time.
  • Role-based permissions to enable clients to create and modify roles, customize permissions, and assign users.
  • The ability to define automated notifications and alerts for approvals.
  • Analytics reports and dashboards tailored to multiple types of users.

Wildfire CEO Victoria Ransom said:

Social media held out the promise of allowing brands to engage consumers in a meaningful and ongoing dialog, but that promise has not yet been fully realized. Up until now, brands have known very little about the consumers they’re interacting with through social media, and they’ve essentially been publishing content to “faceless” masses. Wildfire Suite 2.0 gives marketers the unprecedented ability to engage in more personalized interactions with consumers at scale, resulting in a dramatically more satisfying brand experience for consumers and increased return on social media investments for marketers.

Chief Marketing Officer Doug Laird added:

Brands need social data to enable more personalized and meaningful interactions throughout every stage of the consumer lifecycle and across all consumer-facing processes, not just interactions through social channels. A consumer who is identified as “highly engaged” in the brand’s social channels, for example, can be rewarded with a special discount offer or upgraded to a higher level of customer support.