Why Life Insurance? MassMutual Answers On Facebook

By David Cohen Comment

Insurance companies have been using Facebook to promote their offerings for a while now, but MassMutual is bringing the children into it.

The company launched a new awareness program on Facebook called “Why Life Insurance?

It uses children in humorous videos to reinforce the importance of life insurance.

Ad agency Mullen teamed up with MassMutual on the mix of videos, interactive tools, and informative content, which target the reasons people often go without life insurance, including a reluctance to discuss death, financial priorities, and the belief that it is too expensive.

The videos feature children evaluating agents, purchasing plans, and quizzing adults about life insurance, and visitors to the MassMutual Facebook page will also have access to financial planning tools, tips, and real-time conversation.

MassMutual pointed out that ownership levels for life insurance are at a 50-year low, with one-third of households having none at all, and senior vice president and chief marketing officer John W. Chandler Jr. added:

There is a life-insurance crisis in America right now, as one-half of the population is either uninsured or underinsured. This program allows us to confront the problem in an engaging manner, while still strongly emphasizing the crucial role life insurance needs to play in every family’s financial-planning strategy.

We understand the power of social media in today’s world and believe Facebook provides a friendly forum to generate conversation about an important, yet uncomfortable, subject. Kids delivering the message creates a direct, emotional reminder of whom life insurance actually protects: them.

Readers: Did you ever think of Facebook as a source of information on life insurance?