Why Email Is Still Alive [Infographic]

By Devon Glenn 

Social media’s earliest medium — email — may still be an effective marketing tool for businesses. This infographic shows how email marketing campaigns have benefitted from new technology and have also found a niche among media outlets and small business owners.

News-aggregating communities are a big part of the trend because they speed up the process. Scoop.it users create 19 pieces of content per month through the news curation tool — the equivalent of 52 newsletters per year — while MailChimp users create an average of 6.2 email campaigns per year through the email building and tracking service.

Email newsletters are especially effective for media outlets. According to the studies cited in this infographic, newsletters sent by the organizations have the lowest spam abuse rates and are opened twice as often (30.9 percent) as average email campaigns.

Below are more statistics on how newsletters can drive business for publishers and brands, as well as a few tips on when to post.

Infographic by Scoop.it.