WhitePages Mailer Taps WhitePages Database For Facebook Friends’ Addresses

By David Cohen 

Facebook users who are getting their holiday packages ready but aren’t necessarily planning to ship via FedEx can now tap into their friends lists for addressed following Wednesday’s release of the WhitePages Mailer application from directory giant WhitePages.

WhitePages Mailer seamlessly connects users of the social network to WhitePages’ database of more than 200 million people to help them compile addresses for their Facebook friends, and those addresses can be exported into spreadsheets or printed on Avery mailing labels.

The app also allows users to sort the address data into groups such as close friends, acquaintances, and people I care about, or customized groups, and to share contact data with their Facebook friends. WhitePages added that addresses saved in WhitePages Mailer are updated in real-time if friends move and their WhitePages data are altered.

WhitePages General Manager Jason Milstead said:

While Facebook is perhaps the best iteration of the modern-day Rolodex, contact information like home addresses is noticeably absent from user profiles. WhitePages Mailer combines the reach of Facebook with the power of WhitePages’ people data to create a product that accelerates the painstaking process of collecting addresses for friends when you need to send them a card or gift, or to simply get directions to their homes.

Readers: Will you incorporate WhitePages Mailer into your holiday planning efforts?