While Most Companies Are On Social Networks, Few Use Them to Maximum Effect: Report

By Cameron Scott 

social media, social networks, facebook, twitter, pinterest, foursquare, tumblrDespite widespread adoption of social media among U.S. corporations, most companies do not yet have a mature social strategy, according to a report released today by the Altimeter Group.

Simply being on a couple of social networks is not enough, the report said. Lack of support from executives and training for workers are among the major problems that keep companies from reaping the benefits of social media.

Altimeter Group analysts Charlene Li and Brian Solis based their findings on interviews with almost 698 executives and social strategies at representing 15 companies.

Participants at just over half of the companies surveyed said that top executives were informed and engaged with social strategies. Employees of a quarter of the companies said that staffers received training in how to use and not to use social media to support the company.

In order to get maximum value out of social channels, according to the report, companies need to establish clear social metrics that tie directly into their basic business streams while also allowing social channels to drive internal change. Training and accountability are also needed to avoid potential PR disasters.

At companies such as Sephora costmetics with very successful social media presences, social becomes part of all departments’ work rather than a task allotted to a part of the marketing department.

social media, social networks, social marketing, facebook, twitter, pinterest, foursquare, tumblr