Which Publishers Really Owned Social in 2015?

By Kimberlee Morrison Comment


Social is no longer the nascent medium it used to be. What was once the domain of info marketers looking for a cost effective way to reach their target audience has become a crowded space where big brands and small business owners alike are vying for consumer attentions.

And in 2015, digital audiences were more engaged than ever. Shareablee measured social actions and engagement across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and found that engagement had increased 35 percent during 2015. This included 73 percent more video posts, which drove the vast majority of overall social media engagement.

According to data collected between January 1 and December 31, U.S brands accounted for nearly 80 billion social actions during 2015. The latest Shareablee scorecard ranks National Geographic as the top U.S. brand, followed by the NBA, NFL, WWE and Victoria’s Secret.

Check out the scorecard below for the complete ranking.