Which Online Video Platform Is Endorsed By Oliver Stone?

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Vzaar is a professional video hosting platform designed to help businesses enrich their customers’ eCommerce experience through online video.  With vzaar, businesses can integrate professional, customized video players into their sites to engage customers.  But aside from being one of the leading video platforms for eCommerce and business sites, vzaar can claim something that no other online video platform can—film director Oliver Stone is an investor.

I had the opportunity to ask Ian Snead, VP Sales & Marketing at vzaar, a few questions about the company, as well as Oliver Stone’s involvement with vzaar.  But before we get to my interview with Snead, take a look at the video below, in which Oliver Stone himself introduces vzaar.

Of course, I was pretty interested to hear about how Oliver Stone wound up investing in vzaar.  Snead told me, “Oliver Stone is not only a Hollywood legend, but a savvy business person who invests in companies he believes in.  In the second half of 2010 Oliver Stone invested in vzaar.  He was introduced to this business through a friend, and when he was in London for the premiere of Money Never Sleeps, he met with the team and as a result decided to make an investment in the vzaar business video platform.”  Read more about the Oliver Stone story on vzaar.

Stone is also judging a corporate video festival contest, hosted by vzaar.  The vzaar Video Festival will be giving out awards for the Best Product/Service video, Best Video by a Creative Agency, Most Creative use of Online Video and Best Overall Video.  The contest closed for entries earlier this month and the winners will be announced on July 18.

After picking Snead’s brain about Oliver Stone, I wanted to know how the idea for Vzaar came about and how it became a reality.  He told me, “The concept of vzaar was born from the idea that video provided a rich and informed buying experience for online shoppers.  This moment of realization occurred in March 2007 and was conceived by Ken Moss and myself.”  Later that year the first edition of vzaar was launched.  The service was originally exclusively for eBay sellers, allowing them to add video to their listings.  However, vzaar is now available for larger SME’s, while the eBay solution is also still available today.

When asked who the primary users of vzaar are, Snead told me, “vzaar has just under 2,000 companies world wide and the profiles of these companies is remarkably diverse.  Yes, we have some large corporate customers like IBM and Walmart, but for the most part the customers are much smaller businesses.  We have a variety of online retailers who market apparel and craft to gadgets and musical instruments.  We also support many institutions such as churches and schools who use the platform to publish videos on their sites.”  Snead says that many Creative agencies use vzaar as well, when they develop video campaigns and build sites for their own clients.

Check out the video promo for vzaar below and let us know what you think.  Have you used vzaar?  What do you think about the fact that Oliver Stone is an investor?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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