Facebook Asks Users: ‘Which Of The Above Ads Do You Prefer?’

By David Cohen 

Some Facebook users are seeing a survey appear underneath two sponsored stories, asking if they preferred the top one, the bottom one, or neither.

Sister blog Inside Facebook reported on the new survey the social network appears to be testing, saying that Facebook ran a similar test in Israel in February 2011, but noting that the Israeli test was conducted prior to the introduction of sponsored stories, and “neither” was not an option.

What is Facebook trying to accomplish with this survey? Inside Facebook speculated that the social network could be attempting to determine trends, such as whether users prefer photo ads or question ads, or it could be trying to collect personalized data so it can serve ads to individual users that they are more likely to click on.

Readers: Have you seen any of these “Which of the above ads do you prefer?” surveys yet?

Screen shot courtesy of Inside Facebook.