What’s the Most Popular Dating Site in the United States?

By Kenna McHugh 


PlentyOfFish is a free internet dating service, and some of you might find this amazing that people don’t realize how big PlentyofFish has become. Sure, being free has its plus-points, but then the platform has to deliver. It looks like the online dating service is delivering the goods.

According to reports from ComScore and Experian Hitwise, PlentyOfFish was consistently ranked as the most popular dating site by visits in the U.S. every month for the first half of 2011.

ComScore reports an average of over 54 million total visits each month during the first quarter. Their closest competitor in the online dating category averaged just over 27 million total visits per month – just over half of the traffic at PlentyOfFish. Overall, PlentyOfFish’s traffic accounted for 28.87% of all US-based internet dating traffic, while their closest competitor accounted for 14.45% of the same group.

May was PlentyOfFish’s best month with over 68 million total visits – an impressive 37% of the total 187 million visits to online dating sites in the US for the month. Cheers to the May-December romances.

Experian Hitwise substantiates ComScore’s findings, ranking PlentyOfFish number one among dating sites for the first half of 2011. Hitwise indicates that worldwide, PlentyOfFish received over 90 million total visits during this period. They also report that users spend an average of 20:54 minutes per session online at PlentyOfFish, 54% more time than visitors spend per session with the its competitor.

“Plentyoffish.com has been so popular because it is free to use, simple and it works and, with social stigma surrounding online dating virtually gone, most singles are turning to Internet dating services,” explains Kate Bilenki, the Director of Love at Plentyoffish. “We are able to offer a highly competitive product at no cost, making Plentyoffish.com the #1 choice.”

I am not single, so have not ventured to an online dating site, but I am sure it is better than going to a nightclub or bar and meeting someone that way.