What Makes a Kickstarter Campaign Successful? Northwestern Students Launch One to Find Out

By Devon Glenn 

Students at Northwestern University have turned to Kickstarter to raise $8,000 to publish their research project on the power of crowdfunding.

For the past year, members of the school’s Creative Action Lab have been studying the effects of social media fundraising on creativity and innovation. After interviewing more than 50 backers and creators of crowdfunded projects large and small, the team has compiled some best practices for launching successful campaigns on Kickstarter and other sites.

Now the students have partnered with the Tiltshift design studio in Chicago to transform their findings into a digital booklet and a two-sided poster that make the process less daunting and more fun. They hope to give these items away to anyone who needs inspiration, but the team will need money to cover the design and printing costs.

Inspired by their own research, the students have set up a Kickstarter page to solicit backers for their project. As an incentive, they’re giving away everything from copies of the poster and booklet to personal consultations with the team. If all goes as planned, they write, “we can put these tools online and then ship posters to schools, start ups, work places, etc. across the nation to jumpstart the next generation of creators and young entrepreneurs.”

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