What Do You Think of the Digg Redesign Preview?

By Neil Vidyarthi 

Digg, the recently acquired social sharing company, has received a major overhaul as part of new owner Betaworks’ six-week redesign sprint. Shots of the new update were posted today, and the new Digg looks a lot cleaner, and will also strip all the ads from the site.

The new design, shown in the shot above, shows a newspaper like layout where main stories are emphasized not entirely unlike our own site here at Social Times – without the ads, though. The update was driven by four mission principles, shown below, and if you click through to the update post, you’ll see the steps the team has taken and even the first sketches of how they planned to accomplish a simple, cleaner Digg.

  1. We make it easy to find, read, and share the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet right now.
  2. The experience must be fast and thin. Let users go, and they will come back to you. We optimize for return visits, not pageviews per visit.
  3. Build an experience that is native to each device: smart phone, inbox, Web page. Stories must find the user, wherever they are.
  4. Users must be able to share where they and their friends already are — on networks like Facebook, Twitter and email.

The new Betaworks approach is a surprisingly adept start to a sad story for Digg. When the rumors were first confirmed that Digg was acquired for the small amount of $500K, a lot of analysts including myself assumed the site would just work as a traffic cash cow and limp along in its current state.

This public announcement of a full redesign and these promising screenshots show that the team is dead serious about reviving the once formidable social sharing site, and I have no doubt that Betaworks is looking to create a Reddit killer. It would be sweet revenge, too, as Digg lost most of its users to Reddit after a botched design update.

What do you think of the new design?