What Disqus Can Tell About You by Looking at Your Comments [Infographic]

By Devon Glenn 

If the name Disqus doesn’t sound familiar, scroll down — Disqus is the commenting platform that powers millions of websites and blogs, including this one. A closer look at its most active communities could tell you a few things that you already know about how conversations work: that brevity really is the soul of wit and that a dialogue is more engaging than a soliloquy. But, as this series of infographics will illustrate, each community plays by its own rules.

Disqus, which now reaches 1 billion monthly unique users, tracked the comment length, number of replies, and upvoting habits of its 200 most active communities and divided them into more than 40 categories for comparison. Said the team in a blog post:

What really surprised us were the extremes between fan sites. Fan sites are big users of Disqus. Fans of anything are by definition a community. They share a common passion. But in this analysis, sites dedicated to gamers and mobile fanboys showed rampant upvoting. Readers there aren’t so much having fully formed discussions as they are likely trading one-liners. Whereas sports fan sites were on the opposite end of that spectrum, with basketball sites showing an average character length per upvote of 42 and hockey a whopping 253 respectively. (It is playoff time after all. Passions are running high.)

Other highlights of the study include the fact that most comments — 57% — were short enough to be Tweets, and that 10:00 a.m. is commenting “rush hour” in time zones all over the world. Read more stats in the infographics below.