What Are Facebook Users Planning For Labor Day?

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Status updates referring to Labor Day weekend are going up about once every few seconds, making the holiday the most popular topic on Facebook right now.

The posts largely focus on plans for the weekend. Some people are inquiring about barbeques and the like, while others are announcing parties and other events.

Then there are status updates from business pages announcing holiday hours, sales and promotions tied to Labor Day.

A fair number Facebook status updates mention Burning Man. The event is a week-long radical arts festival that takes place in the Nevada desert (satellite version occur across the country throughout the year) that continues to attract technologists, creative types, students and 20-somethings.

So-called Burners have been posting status updates about their preparations for the event, including a fair amount of mobile devices en route; a smaller proportion post while at Burning Man, due to the limited infrastructure available out on the desert.

While those attending Burning Man may each be posting a larger number of updates about the event, more people are actually posting about not going — some feeling regret or nostalgia, while others expressing disdain.

The largest Facebook group for Burning Man has over 261,072 members, while the actual event capped ticket sales at 50,000 this year and sold out on July 21. That means roughly 211,072 people don’t have tickets but either wanted them or have specifically chosen not to attend. Some of these folks have been sending invitations via Facebook for campouts with names like The Unticketed.

Then you have some cynical comedians who don’t belong to any of the Burning Man groups on Facebook and express dislike in the form of humorous posts and threads like the first one we’ve posted below.

Readers, what are your Facebook friends posting about Labor Day plans?