Weird Al Murders Funny Or Die Team For Beating Him To 2 Million Twitter Followers

By Megan O'Neill Comment

A hilariously dark new video from Funny Or Die proves that you don’t want to get on Weird Al Yankovic’s bad side.  When the Funny Or Die team realized they got to 2 million followers before Weird Al Yankovic they decided to throw a party, complete with a cake, “We Beat Him!” t-shirts, a “We Beat Weird Al” banner and more.  Weird Al was none to pleased and decided to get his comeuppance…by killing them all.

On April 12, Weird Al tweeted that he had reached 2 million followers, saying “Beat THAT, Charlie Sheen!! (Oh, wait, he has. Never mind.)”  The singer didn’t beat Charlie Sheen and he didn’t beat Funny Or Die either, who sent out the video yesterday, via Twitter, with the message “We hit 2 MILLION followers…before @alyankovic!”  Funny Or Die has also been giving out prizes to celebrate the 2 million mark, including a signed Weird Al shirt, “We Beat Him” shirts signed by the whole FOD team, celebrity Tweet-outs and more.

Shortly after Funny Or Die posted the video, Weird Al tweeted it as well saying, “Hey, Funny Or Die, no hard feelings or anything…”  It looks like they don’t hold a grudge.  At the end of the video, right after Weird Al announces, “I vote…DIE”, they tell people to follow Weird Al on Twitter.  Careful, Funny Or Die.  If enough people watch this video and follow Weird Al he just may surpass you in Twitter followers and have a little party of his own!

What do you think about ‘Funny Or Die Beats Weird Al at Twitter’?  Is it funny….or die?

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