Facebook To Send Weekly Reports On Users’ TV-Related Actions To ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC

By David Cohen 

HDTVRainbowFacebook will begin sending weekly reports to the “Big Four” television networks — ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC — and a “small number of select partners,” according to a report by The Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog.

Digits reported that the reports will not be made available to the public, and that they will detail the number of actions (likes, comments, and shares) generated by specific episodes, as well as how many Facebook users were responsible for those actions.

Facebook has sharpened its focus on media outlets in general and TV specifically of late with its introduction of the public feed application-programming interface and keyword insights API earlier this month and subsequent, related deals with ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and Fox Sports.

The social network told Digits it expects to add more data to its reports to the Big Four networks, such as how many people saw actions related to their shows, and Facebook Head of Measurement Solutions Daniel Slotwiner told the blog:

The conversation is being generated by a group that is much more representative of the general population. That means we should have a better signal as it relates to ratings.

CBS Chief Research Officer David Poltrack concurred, telling Digits that Facebook’s broader audience compared with Twitter may be more “correlated with actual viewing levels.”

Readers: Do you think these reports from Facebook will be helpful to TV networks?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.