Weekly Dose Of Cute – Amazing 2-Legged Chihuahuas & More

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Another week has begun and we’re starting things out on the right foot with our Weekly Dose Of Cute. This week we’ve got an amazingly adorable selection of videos, including some amazing 2-legged Chihuahuas, a 3-year old with mad dancing skillz, a 5-year old makeup guru and an inspirational penguin. So sit back, relax and get ready for cute overload!

Remix: Baby Loves Seinfeld Almost As Much As Paper

Last week’s Weekly Dose Of Cute featured a hilarious video of a baby laughing at ripping paper, which has now been viewed nearly 11 million times! College Humor has released a mash-up of the laughing baby clip and a Seinfeld standup routine. Perfection.

Slow Loris With A Tiny Umbrella

The Slow Loris has taken YouTube by storm, starting with an adorable clip of a Slow Loris getting tickled, which went viral back in 2009. The latest Slow Loris clip hit the web earlier this month and has been viewed over 1.5 million times so far. It features this cuddly creature holding up a cocktail umbrella, which is just the right size for a Slow Loris.

Penguin Leap Of Faith

This is one of the most suspenseful videos I’ve seen in awhile. A penguin attempts a death-defying jump over a gap between two boulders at a beach in South Africa. Will he make it? You’ll have to watch to find out!

MSPCS Cares for Two Legged Chihuahua Puppies

These three Chihuahuas, Kensi, Hetty and G, were born with two legs. The MSPCA is caring for them, helping them build up their muscles so that they can live comfortably without front lets, until they are able to find a home for them. I think this is such a cool story. These Chihuahuas don’t realize that they have a disability and they are living happy, healthy lives. Oh, and did I happen to mention that they are absolutely adorable?

Five-Year Old Makeup Guru

Before you get all weird about the fact that this is a 5-year old talking about makeup, understand that this little girl is the daughter of a real makeup guru and the makeup she is playing with is not hers. Her mother says, “I do not let her wear makeup she is pretending!!!” That being said, how cute is she? Embedding for this video has been disabled, but you can click here to watch on YouTube.

3yr Old Dances To Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean

This 3-year old just may be the youngest moonwalker that ever lived. I didn’t have moves like that when I was three (heck! I don’t even have moves like that now!).

CuteWinFail: Can-Opening Canine

Finally, this dog knows how to get what he wants! I think most dogs, when faced with a can of food, wouldn’t be able to figure out how to open it for the life of them. This dog opens his can of dog food and starts eating in seconds!