Weekly Dose Of Cute – Sleeping, Licking, Dancing & Being Adorable

By Megan O'Neill Comment

After a Super Bowl weekend that was surely packed to the brim with manly Super Bowl manliness it’s time to lighten things up a bit with our weekly dose of cute. This week we’ve got seven adorable videos for you, including ducklings, a fox, puppies and kittens, a chipmunk and some cute kids with even cuter dance moves. Enjoy and have a wonderful week!

Fox Licking Window

This fox has gotten over one million views in a little over a week. He’s pretty adorable, but I’ve got to admit that he sounds a little bit like a sick crow so the video is definitely cuter if you watch it without the sound. :-)

Deadly Sleepy Cat

Plop! This cat is so tired he can barely keep his eyes open.

French Bulldog Licks Cat

This French bulldog and this cat are either the best of friends or their owner put some peanut butter on the cat’s ear. Either way, it’s adorable.

Corgi Tetherball Game 3

These corgis are having a great time playing tetherball, and it looks like they actually understand the rules of the game too!

Ducklings on Steps

This is one of my favorite videos of the week. It illustrates the mantra, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” perfectly. I love how everyone cheers for the little ducks when they finally get up the steps. Yay!

Adorable Chipmunk in Slow Motion

As if chipmunks weren’t cute enough in the first place, this video shows a little chipmunk in slow motion. It’s almost too much cuteness for me to handle!

Dance Battle of the Week: They Goin Off!

And finally, these little kids show off their skills in a dance battle. These kids krump it, pop ‘n lock it, fight dance, karate dance, spider (or frog) dance, and one of them even does a little beatboxing!