Webtrends Deepens Facebook Marketing Offerings

By Justin Lafferty 

Webtrends, a digital marketing firm, has been stepping up its Facebook services over the past couple of years, and the results have been evident. In the past year, Webtrends has seen 153 percent growth in usage of its Facebook analytics. The product Webtrends formally announced Tuesday at its Engage conference in San Francisco — Webtrends Streams — helps marketers see customer behavior as it happens.

With Webtrends Streams, companies can see which products are trending and then cross-promote them on their Facebook pages (or other social media sites). For instance, if a clothing retailer notices that a certain style is flying off the virtual shelves, it can see that data in real time and easily create a Facebook post or ad promoting that product.

Webtrends has worked to improve conversion tracking, seeing if purchases were made after clicking Facebook ads by monitoring real-time customer behavior.

Webtrends CEO Alex Yoder talked with AllFacebook about how his company has grown as a Facebook marketing force:

We have built basically a customer-acquisition channel where we leverage Facebook for ad targeting and acquire customers through the psychographic insights gathered by profile information and target ads. We’re able to uniquely be able to provide attribution on the ad from Facebook as customers click on the ad to a Facebook application and take some action within the app and there’s some kind of conversion there, or if they take the customer to their website, we can tie that all together.

The company also recently launched Webtrends Today, a free iPad app allowing marketers a top-level look at their Facebook marketing statistics (as well as YouTube and Twitter) in an easy-to-read and visual format: