Share Your Closets With New Facebook Fashion Tool

By David Cohen Comment

The latest Facebook fashion application to come out of the closet is Wear It Share It, or Wishi for short, which is aimed at making women’s closets social.

Wishi Co-Founder Lia Kislev said the app was inspired by Co-Founder Hila Angel peeking in her friend’s closet and realizing that bringing that sort of action to Facebook would enable the three Israeli co-founders to create “the world’s biggest closet.”

The app allows users to:

  • Create their real-life closets, either by uploading photos or finding items in the Wishi database;
  • Share their closets with Facebook friends;
  • Create looks by combining their own items with those of their friends, brands, or the Wishi community; and
  • Get styling advice from friends or the community by creating looks and sharing them.

What sets Wishi apart, however, is its users marketplace, which allows users to sell or exchange items with friends or with the entire Wishi community.

The sharing aspects of Wishi are similar to another Facebook fashion app that also came out of Israel, You Look FFabulous.

Readers: Are you ready to share your closets?