We Just Hooked Up with the Best Social TV Blog on the Web: Lost Remote

By Neil Vidyarthi 

I’m very excited to announce today that Social TV blog Lost Remote is joining our mediabistro blog family. Lost Remote is the looking glass through which I’m able to peer more deeply into the world of emerging social trends in the TV space, and their consistent analysis of how people are leveraging social to connect with TV is unparalelled on the web. We look forward to working with them and sharing some of their insights and coverage.

I’ve been following Lost Remote closely for the last year after I wanted to know who was covering the emergence of social TV apps – I couldn’t find other blogs that were covering the trend as well as LR.

As Google TV continues to find its footing and the rumors of a full size Apple TV continue to spread, many analysts, including myself, wonder who’s going to create the killer app that we’ll all use alongside our live TV. If we’re all watching the Grammys, who’s going to be the app provider that connects us together in a way that isn’t too audacious but has enough content for us to check in once in a while. The blog was covering a whole slew of those types of apps, and that’s what got me hooked.

But that’s not all they offer. Delve deeper into LR, though, and you’ll see that they track all sorts of things, including charts of daily social activity by the networks and a Twitter leaderboard of the top TV journalists, shows, channels and more. It’s pretty much the swiss army knife for Social TV analysis.

One of my favorite aspects of the blog is their timeliness – if there’s a big TV event like the Olympics or a new set top social TV device, they’ll be covering it and analyzing whether it’s going to be used, and if it has, then how much and by who. If you’re wondering about exactly what kind of coverage you can get over at the site, here are a few recent articles I’ve enjoyed.

Olympic athlete live-tweets his own competition

How the world is using social media around the Olympics

Why Hulu Plus’ appearance on Apple TV is a big deal

Viggle surpasses 1 million users, opens up platform

For a few quotes from our CEO and Lost Remote founder Cory Bergman, see below.

“Lost Remote is yet another gem we are adding to the WebMediaBrands family of high quality social media blogs,” stated Alan M. Meckler, Chairman & CEO of WebMediaBrands. “Combining Lost Remote with our other social media properties, as well as TVNewser and TVSpy, certainly solidifies our position as the leading blog network covering all aspects of television and cable news and analysis. We will continue working with Cory Bergman to produce social TV news and will soon announce dates for our first trade show in the social TV space to be called Lost Remote’s Inside Social TV.”

“This is an exciting new chapter for Lost Remote,” Bergman said. “Few people had heard of social TV two years ago, but today it’s driving more innovation in television than we’ve seen in the last decade. WebMediaBrands will leverage its network, resources, and expertise to help take Lost Remote to the next level at an incredible time in the business.”