Ways To Increase A Facebook Page’s Reach Without Paying

By Justin Lafferty 

Every Facebook page administrator wants to expand their page’s reach, but they don’t want to dip too far into their coffers to do so. While there isn’t a magic bullet to get into every fan’s news feed, there are some free ways to get the message out to more people who like the page. Mike Maghsoudi, co-founder of PostRocket, gathered up some simple ways pages can reach more fans without spending more bucks.

Maghsoudi came up with four tips for Facebook page admins:

Interest Lists

Interest lists are often underutilized, but Maghsoudi writes that it’s a simple way to generate more views:

With that said, the few who are having success with marketing interest lists are having tremendous success, and for good reason: Their lists provide extraordinary value.  One list that stands out to me is Mari Smith‘s Facebook Marketing Experts and Resources List.  She ensures that all of the pages and people she adds to the list are adding value to the topic – or she removes them. The quality of the content keeps me (and many others) coming back to the list daily – increasing the reach of the pages featured who may not otherwise get into a user’s news feed.

Page Update Notifications

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that it is testing page update notifications. Users who really want to connect with a page and receive all updates can opt-in for notifications. This way, they can be pinged whenever the page makes a new post. However, pages should be careful not to update too often, as some fans may be turned off by myriad notifications.

Text-Only Posts

While photos and videos and questions are great, research shows that text-only posts are performing better in Facebook’s algorithm. Not just any text posts, though — posts that had some kind of call to action, motivating a reader to comment, usually resulted in better rates of engagement. Better engagement mean it’s bumped up through the site’s algorithm, which tends to favor posts that gain more likes, comments, and shares.

Timing Is Key

This one has been covered a lot, but spacing out posts is one of the biggest keys to Facebook page success — not too often, but often enough to remain relevant in Facebook’s algorithm, Maghsoudi writes:

Track your performance per time slot in a spreadsheet to see what times perform best on which days. Also, be sure to leave at least a few hours between posts to avoid cannibalizing the reach of previous posts.

Readers: What are some tips you use to improve your page’s reach without reaching into your wallet?

Main image courtesy of Shutterstock.