UPDATED: ‘Watched’ And ‘Want To Watch,’ Prompts On Mobile Are A Bug

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook is expanding its options on mobile with regard to letting users post about media they want to experience — but the site recently told AllFacebook that a recent discovery is a bug. Previously, a user could click on a book that a friend posted about through a sponsored story and say that they’ve read or want to read. Sister site Inside Facebook discovered that now, iOS users (we haven’t seen this for Android yet) can tap sponsored stories about a show or movie to indicate that they have watched or want to watch. Facebook said that this is a bug and that advertisers would not be charged for clicks.

Inside Facebook Editor Brittany Darwell notes that currently, brands cannot create sponsored story ads around “watched,” or “want to watch,” stories — only page likes. So you’ll see that a friend likes a movie, but not that they want to watch it. When a user indicates they’ve watched or want to watch a show or movie, that will be reflected in the About section of the timeline.

Mobile users (on iOS, at least) have the option to engage with these sponsored posts by tapping the plus sign in the ad.