WATCH: Stephen Colbert Thanks Facebook For Ads

By Jackie Cohen Comment

There’s always an element of truth in the best humor — so Stephen Colbert fans may well be thinking twice about whether to use the newest Facebook photo tagging enhancement.

The Comedy Central host riffed on how Facebook now allows people to tag brand names in photos. We’ve embedded video footage of Colbert’s spiel at the very bottom of this post (although you’ve got to advance the stream to the 2:10 mark to get to the bit about the social network).

If you don’t feel like fast-forwarding, we’ve got a decent transcript of Colbert’s commentary right here:

A big tip of my hat to ‘The Facebook’ for instituting a new policy allowing users to add tags for brand-name products that appear in their photos. OMG, y’all, chilling at the yoga studio with my main bev, Coke-y C. By letting me tag products in my personal photos, Facebook’s giving my favorite companies more ways to market directly to me. Now I can finally realize my lifelong dream of being targeted by Target and getting spammed by Spam. Plus this ushers in a Brave New World of personal product placement. Remember when Charlie Sheen got paid per Tweet to start plugging products on Twitter? Neither does he!

Readers, how might Facebook reposition its photo tagging to seem less like the “personal product placement” suggested by Colbert?