WATCH: Does Social Media Make You Feel Like This?

By anatresnick Comment

Do you ever feel like social media is interfering with your life and your work? For example, you’re trying to work on one assignment, but you want to see who commented on your facebook post and you just got 5 emails and @ replies are pouring into your Twitter and you can’t get a song you heard on Youtube out of your head and now 3 friends are chatting online with you and….ummm what was I talking about?

This video was made by Smigly, a talented animator that creates videos about many cultural trends and problems we face as a society. The video illustrates how there is so much information overload going on in our heads, especially from social media, that we can’t tap into the ‘power of now’ and stay in the moment. It shows a man that is constantly distracted by the masses of media in his life and can’t focus. He’s simply exhausted while his mind is turning into mush. He is trying to read a book about ‘staying in the now’ but thoughts of tweets and facebook images and Youtube videos keep popping in his head.

This is probably a video that resonates with most people who are on the net every day, and especially ones who tap into social media sites and read blogs such as this particularly fabulous one. Our human brain only has a certain bandwidtch and we have a limited attention span when it comes to mixing social media into our lives. We are living in an age where social networks and blogs and news feeds are creating so much noise in our heads that it’s hard to concentrate on one thing at a time.

What’s the solution to becoming overwhelmed with the day to day frenzy of social media? Maybe you know. Please share some ideas of how you’re able to defeat the power of information overload from consuming your attention span.