Watch Foursquare’s Cool Visualization of Superstorm Sandy’s Effect on Check-Ins

By Devon Glenn 

Superstorm Sandy checked into New York City early last week and it looks like she became the Mayor of lower Manhattan. Following up on Foursquare’s visualization of the site’s activity before and after the storm, the team has created a video time lapse to show how the weather affected check-ins.

To show the contrast between normal conditions and hurricane conditions, the video begins the Saturday morning before the storm hit and ends when the power had (mostly) returned to lower Manhattan early this morning.

Observed the Foursquare team, “Besides the general ebb and flow of activity between day and night throughout the week, you’ll see the number of check-ins drastically decrease below 34th Street from Tuesday to Friday, when almost all of lower Manhattan was without power.

Foursquare should know — the New York-based company had to leave its headquarters in Soho on Broadway and Prince Street and camp out in the Time-Life building in midtown.

One of the darkest spots on the map was my own neighborhood of Red Hook in Brooklyn, which experienced both power outages and flooding as a result of the storm. Many areas are still without power.