Want Technologies Enables Retailers To Send Facebook Notifications Directly To Users

By David Cohen 

Facebook is reportedly working on its own want button, and there are third-party outfits offering their takes on open graph actions, such as the developer that calls itself Want, but Want Technologies may have just raised the bar with its introduction of Facebook notifications that can be used by retailers to communicate directly with potential customers who have expressed interest in their products.

Want Technologies counts Sharper Image among early adopters of its notifications feature, and the developer said 67 percent of Facebook users who receive notifications are clicking through to product detail pages.

Co-Founder Alex Fenkell said:

Notifications are beneficial for not only retailers, but also shoppers. They can easily collect and organize products they want right on their Facebook page, like a universal wish list, only better. This is convenient for the shopper, but notifications allow them to receive savings, as well.

While we are happy with that number (67 percent), it really just represents the opportunity that is there for the retailer. More engagement with shoppers means higher conversion rates and higher average order value.

And Sharper Image Director of Marketing Sam Grossman added:

This is a great opportunity for us. With the holidays right around the corner, we can now nudge shoppers back to our site to purchase by sending incentives like 10 percent off or free shipping directly to their Facebook page.

Readers: Would you be open to receiving Facebook notifications from retailers if you expressed interest in their products, such as by clicking a want button?