Profane Status Update Briefly Appears On Walmart Facebook Page Over The Weekend

By David Cohen 

Mistakes happen. Facebook users who are also page administrators often erroneously post content intended for their personal profiles to the pages they work on. However, when the page where a status update unintentionally appears has more than 30 million likes, the gaffe tends to draw more attention.

Livefyre Lead Social Strategist Nick Cicero posted the following screenshot of the Walmart Facebook page on his blog Sunday, adding:

Looks like somebody in Walmart’s social media team won’t be having too much fun this Sunday morning after a rather blunt outburst of: “What the Fuck was Facebook thinking??” was left up on the page for about five minutes before the retail giant pulled it down.

It was in all caps too … you know they were mad.

At the time of this post, Walmart had not posted anything on its page regarding the foul-up.

Readers: Have you ever accidentally posted something to the wrong account?