Walmart’s Facebook Contest Might Send Rapper Pitbull To Alaska

By Justin Lafferty 

Walmart and Energy Sheets teamed up for a simple Facebook contest: The individual Walmart store page to get the most likes will get a visit from rapper Pitbull, an Energy Sheets brand ambassador. However, thanks to a grassroots social media campaign, the Miami native might need to bring a coat. The current leader? Kodiak, Alaska.

People have teamed up through Facebook and Twitter (with the hashtag #ExilePitbull) to send Pitbull to Kodiak. Currently, the store has more than 45,000 likes. The town itself only has a population of about 6,100.

If you aren’t familiar with Pitbull, he’s a rapper from Miami who often mixes Spanish into his song lyrics. Several of his songs have been quite popular on the Billboard Top 100 Chart.

The contest was announced in a press release, where Pitbull (née Armando Christian Pérez) said:

I’m excited to find out which local Walmart store has the most new likes so I can share the experience of using Energy Sheets with my fans.

Websites such as Gawker and Something Awful have contributed to the effort to stuff the ballots on Facebook. Users have until July 15 to like an individual Walmart store. Fans of the Kodiak Walmart page are having some fun with it. When the page posted a promotion for glass cleaner, several commenters chimed in:

  • Phew I’m glad Pitbull wont have to worry about dirty glasses.
  • I hope Pitbull doesn’t miss out on this great sale on glass cleaner.
  • Pitbull will love that to keep his windows clean if Hotel Service don’t clean them enough.
  • Knowing what he can do with Latino / Cuban salsa – I can’t wait to see if he samples some Inuit beats.

Readers: Would you want Pitbull to come to your Walmart store, or would you rather join the fun and send him to Kodiak?

Image courtesy of Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.